About Midi – Assignment 1 for Industry Operations

I am Midi Zhang. Now I study in BCIT. My interesting are graphic design, website interface design, advertising and photography.  I am fond of my program. Like a new media adventure, each term we learn a lot of new and fresh knowledge and technics.

I got bachelor degree in North China University of Technology and my major was advertising. I learned the general theory of advertising and some graphic design software. Advertising is a creative major. It motivated my brain to think about many creative ideas. In my university period, I am an outstand student. My transcripts are good, and I got study and practicum scholarship every year. My projects were accepted and praised by my instructors.

In the forth year of my University, I had few courses. In my spare time, I worked in an advertising company for half a year. My position was account executive.  I managed many advertisement projects. In that company, I learned how to communicate with clients and get alone with my colleagues very well in a team. Then I got a rare chance to work in Yahoo China Company’s Music Channel for half a year. I edited the images and music in the back end. All these things were new to me, while I learn a lot from that work. At that time, I had a basic know about website editing.

Because of my education and work experience, I know what I should learn. I chose this program to develop my technical skills and learn more knowledge of website. My career goal is to be a graphic/website interface designer or advertisement project manager. Now I try my best to study in BCIT, There are some BCIT school projects of mine below.

  • Graphic design


H1N1Midi Zhang - Wallpaper


  • Website design

Midi Zhang Mock Up 2

Midi Zhang Mock Up 1final



The End of Term 1

Term 1  Study

Time goes fast. Next week will be the last week of this term. Recently I am under the pressure because of the big projects and lots of exams. Be honest, the whole is on a tense note and I have never feel so stressed before, while I think I gain a lot from this term. At the beginning, English is a big challenge to me. Then, the program knowledge which I am not familiar with is difficult for me to understand very well. Fortunately, through the whole term study my listening is improved a lot and I comprehend the knowledge from every assignment, project and exam. Now I want to talk about some programs in this term.

Communication for New Media

In this class, web formatting impress me a lot. We do many exercises and assignments about it and it can make me look good online. I improve my writing ability from this training, also I learn a lot of online writing skills. Such as the basics about headline, subheads, caption and blurbs. What’s more, I learn time arrangement, interview, email marketing, focus writing and so on. These are all useful for me.

Graphic & Color Theory for the Web

We do three projects in this class. I practice color scheme, typography design and  layout through the project. I also learn a lot of professional knowledge from this class. For instance, design history,  layout on the web, creative typ0graphy and color interpretations.

CD Sleeve

This is my third project CD sleeve design.

Photoshop CS4

I have learned Photoshop a little bit in my university, so in this class I feel more relax. From Gale’s teaching, I rebuild my Photoshop skills. Especially, I am fond of mask tool. Before I didn’t know how to use it very well. Now I am good at it and I find it is very powerful. This is my mid-term project website design in this class. I am satisfied with it and I get high marks.


MidiZhang-website(make up)

In a word, thank you for all instructors’ teaching in this term.

Netiquette Blog Assignment

Share what you know on cyberspace
As we know, web has huge effects on communication, and it is a convenient and fast way to get information and knowledge. The people who browse online are more and more. On the one hand, people gain some information from cyberspace. On the other hand, they offer the information that they are familiar with online. We all should share our expert knowledge.

The reasons for sharing knowledge:
•    Reveal your existing value.
•    Help others who are confused.
•    Make a better world.

You may be expert in an area and have a lot of professional knowledge about it, so reveal your individual value and take full advantage of it. Post what you know online and share the information with others. It can save others’ time and they will get the knowledge effectively. Also, It expends the range of expert knowledge on cyberspace, so your contribution can make a better world.

Correct people’s mistakes in a polite way
Cyberspace has a large amount of information. As it becomes the important channel to get knowledge, we need pay attention to the quality of online material. We should correct people’s mistakes in a polite way, rather than always be forgiving these mistakes.

Today people adapt to search online to get what they need. When I spent long time to find some information with mistakes, I think it waste my time. The mistakes online will have bad influence on the mind of people who cannot identify the mistakes. Anywhere should have the rule about right and wrong, even on the cyberspace.

I believe most people could accept the correction in a polite way, because you respect them and help them to know the right things. It also benefits to the web environment that you stop the wrong information spreading.

CD Sleeve Design

The last project of color programe is CD sleeve design which is the same as banner design. Also this is the first time that I do such a job, so I search samples and information about CD sleeve design.

CD sleeve have been given a special vitality as the intersection of visual arts and consumer culture. It carries the dual demands of  art and business. It is a charming  portfolio which balances constraint and freedom, difficulties and challenges.

CD sleeve design contains multiple elements – typegraphy design, graphics (logo) design, illustration, photography, layout design, printing techniques, materials and so on.

I select some samples of CD sleeve design works. They represent the different design directions.


This is a concise graphic design.


This design focus on the music to convey the idea clearly.


This is a colors sheme design. Using the colorful image to attract attention.


This concentrates on typegraphy design.

Different clients have various demands on the CD sleeve design. When we design the CD sleeve, we should consider about the target audience. First, think about an idea that can convey the information effectively. Then design the graphic, typegrapgy and the layout.

I think any design is connected, so this time the CD sleeve design doesn’t make me feel confused. I believe I can arrange the design proccess very well.

Email Marketing Assignment

New Media, Elements, Techniques, Works.

Come on, experience unique new media travel.

Amazing New Media Travel

When you come to my blog, you will experience unique new media travel. My blog has a lot of rich content about new media.

  • The important elements and powerful techniques in new media.
  • Appreciate the wonderful works.

In my blog, I wrote something about the elements of new media, such as images and music. I talked the effects of these elements. It will help you know more about new media.

The techniques are also important in new media, so I write<Powerful Photoshop> to introduce this software. Through a relative video, you will be attracted by Photohop’s power. What’s more, I set an interesting example of two dogs’s wedding photos to talk about photography. I think it’s also a vital skill in new media.

I did some jobs of web design in my blog. Like website layout and web banner design. Also I chose some good works to share in my blog. Maybe you can get some idea from appreciating these good works.

I edit my blog with multiple media. Believe you will have amazing new media travel in my blog.

The wedding photos of two dogs

This is the most beautiful, romantic, cute and perfect wedding photos that I’ve ever seen. Their names are Cherry and Coffee. Dogs’ wedding photo is a creative idea. Cherry and Coffee look like the professional model and they enjoy their happiness time. I really admire their stylist and photographer. Cherry and Coffee are the luchy dogs’ couples. Theire love is proofed by the camera.


They vow their love would endure forever.


Honey, I love you. I love you too.


I want us to get together all the time.


Rose is given to you.


It’s my pleasure that I met you in the crowed street.

Pets are our good friends. We should treat them as family members. Pet photography first began from the last century 60’s. Through the accumulation of decades, there has been a number of world-class professional pet photographers. Pet photography can keep our cute pets’ exciting moment and can memory our pet’s progress of growth.

If you wanna take photos for your pets by your self, you should know some skills and do some preparation.Pet photography is different from person’s. We should communicate to our pets very well. Such as suitable light, speed, color, lens and toys. When you make good use of them, you will be good at Pet photography.

About Web Banner Design

Recently we begin to do our second project in the program of Graphic& Color Theory for the Web. It makes me confused coz I haven’t had any design experience about web banner. Although instructor gave us the criteria and some introductions about web banner, I still have no idea what I should do. So I search online to find some good banner in order to give myself some creation to design a web banner.

I choose some banner that I like show you here.The firt one is an Australia animal protection website,using an innocent piggy on the banner let people want to help these kind of poor animals.

The second one is a music website, using the simple label of listening music to convey this information.

The third one is a website about design and it attract attention by the striking colors.

The last one is a Canadian Volunteer website,using people’s shadow as the background and transform letter‘v’to be a special logo.

After seeing lots of web banners, I think I prefer to the simple layouts, but can express idea directly. Images, letters, colors are all the elements of a banner as long as they can indicate the theme. Now I will try to design mmy banner. Good luck to me.